Working as a Tabbycat Beauty Consultant is a unique experience. What sets us apart?




  • We create a basic kit for each consultant, but we give you the power to choose the colors and types of products that go in your kit.
  • Ready to host your first party with Tabbycat? Don't settle for passing out an order book, our consultants have exclusive access to our professional make-up studio, and our full collection. Your first party booked in studio is absolutely free. Our consultants receive a discount when booking the studio
  • Our consultants also a receive a free consultation from a licensed CPA, on how to start, and grow their own business. They also receive a special rate for additional services.
  • During your orientation you will hear from our professional make-up artist, on how to select the right colors and products for your clients.




Thank you for your interest in our Independent Consultant program. We are about success and if you are ready to take the next step, we will be with you all the way to the top.


I am going to personally insure you experience a Purr...fect Start. We will guide your through the initial process and will help you “hit-the-ground-running” toward achieving personal and professional growth. Early in your training, you will learn all you need to know about makeup and our products. You will learn about YOU, how you cope and deal with people, your attitude and money management.


Your first few weeks in Tabbycat Cosmetics our comprehensive support system will  assist you and provide helpful resources. Each component of our training program is designed to build a specific skill, including career essentials. Follow every step closely. Be a good student. Our training program is based on a proven formula


The company’s Inside Track Newsletter will be emailed to you monthly. It is an incredible source of training, ideas and information to help you get started and grow every step of the way. Feel Free to contact your Director at any time. We are here for YOU!



Wishing you Great Success!

Tabatha Moore,

Creative Director